X-Analytics® as a Service

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About X-Analytics as a Service

X-Analytics as a Service is an annual “Cyber Risk as a Service” offering that combines fully validated cyber risk financial analytics with our experience delivering risk advisory services to our worldwide clients.  X-Analytics as a Service is delivered under an annual services subscription that produces on-going financial metrics via Tableau online related to cyber risk financial exposure, prioritized cyber risk remediation guidance, and cyber risk transfer optimization analysis.

There are two components of the X-Analytics as a Service offering:

Part I:  Cyber Risk Financial Analytics

Part II: Program Management and Advisory Support

The Power of State-of-the-Art Cyber Risk Financial Analytics

Getting Started is Easy

Most X-Analytics as a Service clients are able to produce baseline analytics outputs within two weeks of service kickoff. The baseline analytics provide a foundation to continue the journey to financial cyber exposure understanding and improvement. Our cyber risk experts guide clients with quarterly data input strategy review and how to use analytics outputs to guide ongoing cyber risk management decisions.


  • Convert existing control validation reporting into cyber risk financial exposure metrics
  • Identify prioritized cyber risk mitigation activities
  • Produce executive management and Board ready cyber risk reporting templates
  • Conduct cybersecurity investment ROI analysis
  • Optimize cyber risk transfer strategy

Risk Clarity is as Easy as 1-2-3


SSIC guides client through an initial cyber risk survey.

SSIC processes client data through X-Analytics.

Cyber risk financial analytics dashboards are uploaded to Tableau online to guide cyber risk management decisions.

SSIC guides clients through the the cyber risk financial analytics journey on a quarterly basis.