X-Analytics® for Tech Providers 

The Challenge

Despite significant spending on cybersecurity, costly cyber incidents continue to mount and clients are asking harder questions: What am I getting for these investments? Which risks should I transfer to insurance? Security and Compliance companies have struggled to connect an understanding of threat and compliance risk to business impact. Executives are tired of technical jargon and are demanding financial metrics related to their cyber risk. X-Analytics has proven to be able to help tech companies make this transformation.

Solution: X-Analytics for Technology Providers

What it is

A license for technology companies to transform their product by translating their technical outputs into financial cyber risk metrics.


  • Transforms technology platform outputs into financial cyber risk analysis outputs.
  • Elevates the value of your product offering by delivering insightful outputs sought by business executives to guide cyber risk management decisions.
  • Expand your target market.
Keep it Simple

Risk Clarity is as Easy as 1-2-3


SSIC supports the custom configuration of X-Analytics for the client technology platform.

SSIC maps data from the client product into X-Analytics.

SSIC supports the development of X-Analytics into the client technology platform.

SSIC provides ongoing back-end variable updates to X-Analytics to keep outputs calibrated.

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