X-Analytics for Service Providers

The Challenge

The market for cybersecurity and cyber risk advisory services has failed to deliver clients financial visibility of their cyber risk condition with recommendations to lower their financial exposure. What does a red, yellow, and green chart mean to me? What does a maturity score of 3.7 tell me about my financial exposure to cyber risk? How much will the investments in our cyber security roadmap impact our financial cyber exposure? X-Analytics has proven to be able to help services providers build new business offerings and transform their current ones.

Solution: X-Analytics for Service Providers

What it is

A license for service providers, consulting companies, and audit firms to help them transform their service or develop new offerings by leveraging X-Analytics to deliver cyber risk clarity and greater value to their clients.

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Risk Clarity is as Easy as 1-2-3


SSIC supports the client with designing and integrating X-Analytics into their offering.

Client can decide to “white label” the offering or co-brand.

SSIC supports the client’s go to market launch.


  • Deliver greater value to clients by building new service offerings or improving existing ones.
  • Meet the needs of your clients by delivering a clear financial understanding of their cyber risk exposure.
  • Clients get meaningful outputs for better cyber risk management decision making.
  • Create consistency and objectivity in cyber risk deliverables by leveraging the same cyber risk model trusted by the world’s top cyber insurance underwriters.

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X-Analytics in Action

See how Unisys leverages X-Analytics to power its TrustCheck cyber risk management service.

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