Media Alert: SSIC to Unveil the Future of Cyber-Risk Management for Risk Management and Insurance Industries

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At the U.S. Embassy in London, Industry Players Will Highlight How X-Analytics Quantifies Cyber Risk

LONDON, March 22, 2018 – Following on the heels of an at-capacity event at the U.S. Embassy, Secure Systems Innovation Corporation (SSIC), a cyber risk management firm with a patented method for measuring and modeling cyber risk, X-Analytics®, will present today at the Cyber Insurer and Broker Assembly.

In his presentation, Robert Vescio, inventor of X-Analytics, will highlight the use of cyber-risk economics to define, measure, and manage financial exposure related to cyber insurance.

WHO: Robert Vescio, Inventor of X-Analytics and Chief Analytics Officer at SSIC
WHAT: “Measuring Cyber-Risk Exposure to Unlock the Insurance Industry’s Cyber-Risk Capacity” at Cyber Insurer & Broker Assembly BACKGROUND:
While understanding and quantifying cyber risk is a top priority and challenge for the insurance industry, it is also extremely challenging. The lack of metrics related to cyber risk amplifies fear and misunderstanding.

One of the leading experts in the emerging field of cyber-risk economics, Vescio will demonstrate how analysis and measurement of the economic impact of cyber risk enables insurers, brokers, and reinsurers to make objective cyber-risk underwriting decisions. Vescio will be joined by a leading global insurer to discuss how more accurate valuation of known cyber-risk exposures inside large businesses can help insurers manage their exposure levels and grow their cyber-insurance portfolios.

WHEN: March 22, 2018 at 14:30 GMT
WHERE: etc.venues Fenchurch Street
8 Fenchurch Place
London EC3M 4PB
MEDIA CONTACT: Brianna Carroll Boyle

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