X-Analytics® Cyber Risk Analytics Subscription

The Challenge

Despite its confusing nature, cyber risk can be managed just like any other business risk. Legacy reporting approaches that summarize technical cybersecurity metrics in red, yellow, and green charts fail to communicate the financial exposure related to an organization’s cyber risk condition. To optimize an organization’s cyber risk management strategy and make informed risk management decisions, organizations must first gain an objective understanding of the economics of their cyber risk condition.

Solution: X-Analytics Cyber Risk Analytics Subscription

What it is

Annual analytics subscription designed for enterprises seeking a financial understanding of their cyber risk exposure.


  • Understand your economic exposure to cyber risk.
  • Determine your cyber security return on investment.
  • Easily communicate cyber risk and risk reduction in board-ready reports.
  • Prioritize cyber risk-mitigation activities based on objective analytics.
Keep it Simple

Risk Clarity is as Easy as 1-2-3


SSIC supports the client in completing an initial cyber risk survey.

SSIC processes cyber risk survey data through X-Analytics.

Comprehensive cyber risk analytics reporting is uploaded to Tableau data visualization platform.

Client updates the data elements on a quarterly basis and SSIC updates analytics on a quarterly basis.

Optional: Connect your cyber security technology platform data with financial cyber risk analysis

Clients seeking to incorporate existing client-specific technical cyber security data with a financial understanding of cyber risk provided by X-Analytics can enroll in the X-Analytics data connector program. Contact us to learn if your platforms can be incorporated into X-Analytics.

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