Cyber Insurance Underwriting

As more organizations seek to transfer cyber risk to the insurance industry, insurers face the challenge of underwriting cyber risk at the appropriate rate in a rapidly evolving market. Some solutions provide underwriters with limited outside-in visibility of a potential insured’s threat landscape. X-Analytics provides a holistic view into an organization’s cyber risk using statistical and client-provided data to deliver objective visibility into the cyber risk posture of an organization. This results in an objective, repeatable methodology that can be used to underwrite the cyber risk of any global organization.

X-Analytics is the first industry validated "inside-out" analytics view of an organization’s cyber-risk condition. X-Analytics quantifies the economics of cyber risk across distinct cyber-peril categories, facilitating the transfer of cyber risk into appropriate insurance coverage. X-Analytics offers the adaptable framework and taxonomy of cyber risk that insurers need to truly underwrite cyber risk and begin calibrating their underwriting practices based on historical claims.


  • Enable insurers the ability to price based on risk.
  • Incorporate emerging threats into a dynamic underwriting framework.
  • Provide actionable guidance that insurers can use to improve insurability.
  • Offer the ability to calibrate underwriting practices based on historical claims data.


Case Study: Informed Cyber Insurance Underwriting

Case Study: Informed Cyber Insurance Underwriting

Learn how to optimize cyber insurance underwriting.