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Written by Bob Vescio, SSIC Managing Director of Cyber Risk Services

May 26, 2016

Secure Systems Innovation Corporation (or SSIC for short) was founded by and is operated by a collective group of experienced leaders with extensive backgrounds in cybersecurity, law enforcement, financial and insurance services, and domestic and international markets. We are a cybersecurity consulting and services firm that operates each and every day with a specific focus:

To think differently and interact in a meaningful way across our company, with our customers, and throughout the industry.

Our focus is further supported by our core values, which are:

  • Challenging the status quo by ignoring industry norms and avoiding the hype, yet applying experience and research.
  • Creating a culture of trust and purpose to ensure a sense of belonging.
  • Delivering objective and insightful results that improve understanding and drive meaningful action.
  • Being present in every interaction and accountable for all results.

At the moment, we specialize in Cyber Risk Consulting Services (Trusted Risk Advisor™), Cyber Insurance Assessment Services, and Incident Response & Post Data Breach Services. Each service sits upon a proprietary methodology to ensure consistency, to provide greater accuracy and precision, and to empower our customers to make informed cybersecurity decisions. We take tremendous pride in offering services that are objective, trustworthy, and insightful.

Trusted Risk Advisor™ – Our Cyber Risk Consulting Services

Designed to help our customers understand their risk and how to prioritize their remediation efforts.

Our cyber risk consulting services solve the problems associated with inconsistent risk measurement. Our proprietary methodology helps our customers understand their current and future risk condition by taking the sum of all activities, by modeling assumptions, and by incorporating business impact.

Our Cyber Insurance Assessment Services

Designed to help insurance underwriters and brokers understand the risk profile of their existing and potential customers.

Our cyber insurance assessment services truly quantify cyber risks associated with real business impacts. Like our cyber risk consulting services, our proprietary methodology puts the components together in meaningful way to provide easy to understand scores and practical guidance. In short, our cyber insurance assessment services help insurance underwriters write better risk and help insurance brokers better advise their customers.

Our Incident Response and Post Data Breach Services

Designed to help our customers understand the depth and breadth of an incident or data breach and how to proactively improve their incident response ability.

Our incident response and post data breach services are split into proactive and reactive service. Our proactive services help our customers prepare for a data breach through better planning and training exercises, while our reactive services quickly help our customers reduce damage and associated costs during an active data breach.

We realize there is a great deal of competition in the market. Yet, you will never see us spend a great deal of time talking about the competition or explaining how different we are from the competition. Instead, you will see us talking honestly about who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We will always take the time to answer your questions and to ensure that our services fit your expectations.

In everything we do, we aim to help our customers with their cybersecurity challenges.